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It’s a different color!

As they say, “Colors have a great influence on a person’s physical and mental state, so it is important to pay great attention to their correct use in the interior and exterior.” Color can change the mood in a room, draw attention as soon as you enter the yard, create an energetic or relaxed environment, etc.

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3D exterior at the “Georgian American School” in Batumi

“Know, wisdom leaves you not till death,
Is your companion true fore’er.
No man can steal it or destroy,
Divide or carry off a share.
All else can artful tricks beguile,
And in a deep-laid trap ensnare.
Devoid of wisdom, the fleeting world
Makes life a chaos of despair.
True wisdom guides his followers
On life’s perplexing thorny way,
Possesses treasures, wealth galore,
That none can find or on it prey.
No hand can soil its purity,
Nor lead it captive ‘neath its sway.
‘Tis worthless in the hands of fools,
For knowledge helps find wisdom’s ray.”

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Landscape design trends

Every year, landscape and garden design outlines the main directions that will be the most interesting when creating a garden. Despite the fact that landscape design is a relatively conservative art, designers from all over the world come up with something new every year or refashion well-forgotten old ones. In order not to lag behind time and fashion, we will go through all current issues with our landscape designer Levan Lomjaria.

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Technology “Color Mix”

One of the main advantages of “Legi” is the possession of the latest German machinery, which allows us to create modern and diverse products. The latest technology allows us to create a new product Color Mix.
Color Mix is ​​a technology that creates a tile surface with a mixture of two or more colors.

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