We provide 5 years warranty on vibropressed paving slabs!
The company “Legi” is proud of the quality of its products and a high level of excellence. We guarantee all customers the integrity and strength of our paving slabs for 5 years. During this period, we will replace any item of our pavement coverings if they do not meet the standards, provided that the product was used for its intended purpose and the installation was carried out in accordance with European standards.
In the event of a warranty case, the manufacturing plant undertakes to take measures for the full or partial replacement of the products. The manufacturer disclaims the warranty on the goods, in case of:

  1. expiration of the warranty period on the operation of the goods;
  2. ground subsidence, swelling or cracking;
  3. non-compliance with the instructions and violation of technology for laying products;
  4. improper handling and cleaning products with aggressive agents (solvents, salt, chemical means);
  5. improper use of concrete products and exceeding the permissible weight load on concrete products;
  6. improper cleaning of concrete products in winter from ice and snow using metal brushes, scrapers or scrap; also, processing and cleaning products with aggressive agents (solvents, salt, chemical means);
  7. use of products for other purposes;
  8. groundwater flooding.