It’s a different color!

As they say, “Colors have a great influence on a person’s physical and mental state, so it is important to pay great attention to their correct use in the interior and exterior.” Color can change the mood in a room, draw attention as soon as you enter the yard, create an energetic or relaxed environment, etc.

It is difficult to find the true golden mean in the color gamut, but we do not stop progressing and are always ready for new challenges.

It is the color “Citrine” created by color mix technology for us; It is associated with calmness, neutrality, and classicism. It can be said that we have found the golden middle in this color. Created with Color Mix technology, this color is a true balance of moderation in the color gamut. This color will go well with any other color on your exterior.

Since color has energy, it is important to know which colors are acceptable for you, and which colors make you feel calm.

There is a real harmony of colors in this beautiful courtyard. The customer created the most refined and elegant space with four different size tiles in the modern color “citrine” obtained by color mix technology.