“LEGI” Ltd is the leading company of the concrete articles in Georgia; its first enterprise was opened in 2011 in Kobuleti. The company manufactures vibro compressed tiles, border stones and building blocks.

“LEGI” enterprise is equipped with the newest German technologies and is staffed with the experienced personnel.

Team of our experts constantly cares to choose the best quality raw material; the process of the product manufacture is controlled to offer the customers the concrete articles of the European standards.

Ecologically safe product is manufactured, also meeting the requirements of frost resistance, water absorption, sustainability and wearability. In terms of this, we can say that we do not have any competitors

In 2019 in Tbilisi was opened another enterprise of “LEGI”, equipped with the newest European standards. This enterprise enables us to create “colormix”, to manufacture the analogue of which any other enterprises in Georgia are not able. “Colormix” is technology when the surface of a tile is created by mixing two and more colours.

With “LEGI” products are finished such important facilities as Batumi Boulevard, Botanical Garden, Poti and Batumi terminals, customs checkpoint of Armenia and numerous other facilities.

Our company acquired recognizability by the quality, endurance of the finished facilities and variety of products. Development of “LEGI” has even more realistic forecast as we create ecologically safe products corresponding to the European standards.

“LEGI” is transparent and each customer’s interest-oriented. Effective communication, service and product quality are those features by means of which the company consolidated leadership on the Georgian market.