Landscape design trends

Every year, landscape and garden design outlines the main directions that will be the most interesting when creating a garden. Despite the fact that landscape design is a relatively conservative art, designers from all over the world come up with something new every year or refashion well-forgotten old ones. In order not to lag behind time and fashion, we will go through all current issues with our landscape designer Levan Lomjaria.
Hello Levan!

First, to talk about 2022, what was trending in 2022?

The Covid pandemic has left its mark on all fields, but landscape design is one of the main lines on which the pandemic has had a positive impact, so to speak. From the point of view that due to the lockdown and restrictions that existed during the pandemic, all landscape designers began to think about the acquisition of even more refinement and multi-functionality of private yards.

Also, each citizen who had a private yard devoted a lot of time and financial savings to the paving of the yard, which was due to the above-mentioned Covid pandemic. We suddenly found ourselves in the reality that we cannot safely walk in the streets, public squares because of the virus, so people wanted to turn their yard into a square and a comfortable place to relax. It is for the reasons mentioned above that in the last two years, private yards have become even more valuable than ever before. It was a challenge for us landscape designers that we could create a 3D visualization of different spaces for the client in a short period of time and plan the yard in such a way that it would be multifunctional and people would never get bored of being there. Tiles, furniture, living space and eco-friendly environment are the main trend of recent years.

The main line of our enterprise is the production of concrete products?

In 2022, the main line of the fashion industry was to imitate natural colors as much as possible.

Color mix technology gives us the possibility of natural colors in concrete products. In Legi, it can be safely said that this technology is developed at the highest level. That is why the enterprise has not really lagged behind fashion in this regard. Accordingly, we offered the customers a tile of colors created by a mixture of different colors, which creates a completely natural color gamut in their yard. In our country this year, modern fashion trends and consumer tastes coincided, and the main demand was for the color amber, the so-called autumn color, which creates a warm mood, coziness and effect in the yard as if you are walking in nature. There was also a demand for paving the yards in the old style. In this regard, we have a wide selection of pressed tiles in Legi, and the customer had no difficulty in finding a product suited to his taste.


 It is interesting how much the Georgian consumer takes into account modern trends?

The covid pandemic has had an impact on Georgia as well, which is why the population is paying more attention to the finishing of the yards day by day.

Georgians have always loved to learn about fashion trends and dress in the appropriate style, as well as decorate their homes. In “Man to Man” written by Ilia Chavchavadze in the 19th century, we read how the author describes in detail every detail of the yard and the house, starting from the gate (entrance to the courtyard), which is one of the clear examples of the fact that we have always attached great importance to windows, both exterior and interior. arrangement. The house starts from the yard, that’s why our residents try to arrange the yard as comfortably and beautifully as possible. We are guest-loving people, we love to host guests in our own beautiful home. That’s why we always try to take into account modern fashion trends and also include Georgian elements in the design.

Technology has also helped the customers not to lag behind the times, through the Internet they get to know many innovations in design, and then directly with the help of our landscape designers, the best environment is created together in the exterior.

In addition to tiles, when imagining a yard, the mind imagines outdoor furniture and landscaping?

Of course, the selection of all of these is based on the user’s taste, but we must match each product that we plan to use in the yard with each other. For example, if you have already laid a tile and then you want to buy outdoor furniture, you must consider the color of the tile and choose the combination of furniture colors accordingly. If you have a small yard and you want to have outdoor furniture and greenery with you so that the space is not visually blocked, in this case, first of all, you should choose tiles of a light color, the furniture should be relatively small and the greenery should be of a small variety, so that the space is not visually absorbed by additional decorations.

What other details are needed to create a modern exterior, apart from tiles, outdoor furniture?

Water is in fashion, I am not talking about fountains. We simply take a certain section, give it the desired shape and pour water. Water brings additional classicism and peace to the exterior. At the same time, we don’t need to have a permanent water supply system to use it like water. Let’s see the photo material for more highlights.

It is also fashionable to set aside a fire place in the yard, which will have both a decorative effect and actually allow you to spend warm time in the yard even in cold weather

Great attention is paid to lighting, the more beautiful the yard is, the more a person wants the yard to be lit at any time of the day

In short, creating a modern yard requires vibro-pressed tiles, decorative curbs, outdoor furniture, greenery, lighting, water, the use of modern technologies and the right hands.

 What does the so-called “smart” garden mean and does it make yard maintenance easier?

The development of technology has affected all professions and fields, and landscape design has not been left behind. In our time, with the help of modern technologies, we can easily manage our yard remotely. For example, with the help of a modern irrigation system, we can set the system to the desired watering mode and the irrigation system of the greenery will automatically turn on according to our wishes, and we can remotely control the lighting of the yard with the help of modern technologies. I agree that the structure of the “smart garden” greatly simplifies the maintenance of the exterior.

What will be trendy in 2023, what recommendations do landscape designers offer?

In 2023, white, gray, dark yellow, the so-called mustard color, as well as dark green turning into gray, these colors will be dominant in the exterior. I would also like to mention that classic and natural colors are in fashion.

What do we offer in terms of landscape design to a customer coming to Legi who wants to buy tiles and pave the yard?

In this regard, we actually offer a full service, in case the customer has not chosen which tile to buy and has not already presented how he wants his yard to look, we go to the site completely free of charge and do the following:

– creation of a project of the area to be paved, which contains a detailed description, drawings, and justification of all stages of landscape works;

– creation of working drawings, which are developed taking into account all the characteristics of the territory;

– We always offer our customers different options of tile shape and color, which organically fit into the overall design of the area;

– we develop individual schemes for laying tiles;

– Together with detailed working drawings and 3D visualization, we provide the customer with the calculation of the materials used. – The landscape design of each project is individual.

For us, it is a priority to make it easier for the customer to make a choice and, most importantly, to get a result that satisfies him.

Thanks to Levan for the comprehensive answers!

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