If you can guess what the courtyard of the most progressive academy is paved with?

We are continuing the 𝟐𝟎 years of progress! says Nana Chikvashvili, founder of Georgian-American International School Progress.

As Nana says, Progress has a progressive and hardworking team focused on international education, whose members create a diverse learning environment daily and tirelessly.

It was in 2022 that the most progressive team built a new educational space of the modern Georgian-American International School Progress Batumi in Batumi. whose interior and exterior was created with modern progressive innovations from the beginning to the end.

The progressives made a progressive choice in the exterior as well and paved the academy yard with the most trendy tile and the most modern color mix technology. For more accuracy, the exterior of the Georgian-American International School Progress Batumi is covered with leggy tiles “modern” color “amber” produced by color mix technology.

What is important for the exterior of an educational institution?

ecologically safe environment;

warm colorful colors;


The yard should create a positive mood for both students and teachers;

Yard as a square with the possibility of relaxing and relaxing;

This environment is created by the color gamut produced by Legi color mix technology. The natural palette of colors (a good imitation of nature) creates an opportunity to never get bored of being in the yard and to feel as if you are walking in nature.

I wonder what you prefer when it comes to exterior decoration?

Be progressive with us – everything is in Legi!