Installation instructions and warnings


Legi produces the highest quality products, despite this, as with any concrete products, slight differences in colour are inevitable. We make every possible effort to keep the range of colours constant, but small colour differences are unavoidable. In this regard, when laying, we recommend taking paving slabs from at least 4 pallets. We also recommend ordering all the paving slabs you need at once, so that we can produce the whole batch in one go – in order to minimize differences in colour, especially if you are planning to make a large order. Please, note that the colours of the new products will inevitably differ from the products that were previously installed – due to the influence of weather conditions.


Efflorescence – a white crystalline precipitate which is naturally formed on concrete products. In Legi, we use advanced technology to significantly inhibit the appearance of efflorescence, even so, if it appears, a colour of the product may be temporarily distorted. In most cases, the efflorescence is eventually washed away by rain. Legi does not change products with efflorescence.

Pavement care

Regular maintenance and cleaning is necessary to maintain the overall appearance of products in perfect condition. First wash – when the pavement is laid for the first time, let it get ground for the first couple of weeks. After that, you can rinse the surface with a hose to remove excess sand and dirt. It is also recommended to treat the surface with an herbicide – two/three times a year. General cleaning – The tiled pavement requires regular maintenance. For total removal of dirt and grass, we recommend cleaning with a stiff brush with plenty of hot detergent solution (washing liquid), thoroughly rinsed with clean water. For cleaning the surface from general pollution, a low-power moderate-pressure hose will be quite sufficient. It is not recommended to use powerful high-pressure hoses as they may damage a surface.For optimum service, the tiled pavement requires regular maintenance, therefore, the company “Legi” recommends washing the surface two/three times a year.