3D exterior at the “Georgian American School” in Batumi

“Know, wisdom leaves you not till death,
Is your companion true fore’er.
No man can steal it or destroy,
Divide or carry off a share.
All else can artful tricks beguile,
And in a deep-laid trap ensnare.
Devoid of wisdom, the fleeting world
Makes life a chaos of despair.
True wisdom guides his followers
On life’s perplexing thorny way,
Possesses treasures, wealth galore,
That none can find or on it prey.
No hand can soil its purity,
Nor lead it captive ‘neath its sway.
‘Tis worthless in the hands of fools,
For knowledge helps find wisdom’s ray.”

All Georgians know by heart the above-mentioned stanzas from Davit Guramishvili’s poem “Learning of students”. Education is always a priority and the most important value for us. Our generation is already doing everything to create a safe, colorful and ecologically clean environment for their children to study. Georgian American School of Batumi is one of them. We are glad that the school yard is beautified with Legi exterior paving tiles.

It is tile Rhombus who creates a colorful, ecologically clean, fun and safe environment for students at the Georgian American School in Batumi!

No matter what time it is, it’s always in fashion, the rhombus tile. It is easily created with this tile; Original, optical, 3D (tride) effect, thanks to which the displayed figures look voluminous. In order to get a three-dimensional effect, this tile does not need to include additional products, using only color variations, you can achieve an interesting and unexpected perception of space.

For the potential of three-dimensional 3D effects to appear well, it is advisable to cover a large area.

Vibro-pressed tile gives us the opportunity to limit our imagination and create such a diverse and environmentally safe yard that children never want to leave.

If you are ready to have the most beautiful exterior, then you have come to the right place. Our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm are a reliable guide to creating a beautiful exterior that best reflects your aesthetic and consumer needs.