More than just a paver

More than just a paver

Today we will go with the director of Jorian Stone, Badri Romanadze in detail about all the issues that our most discussed product “uni kolok”.

We have on sale a 10 cm thick tile “Uni Kolok”, Badri this tile You have many years of laying experience. in detail to tell us these product features, as well as where the customer can get it to use?

I am glad that today we have to talk about the most relevant tile. The characteristics of the tile are defined according to the customer’s request thus there are no specific characteristics. Generally B-35 tile the characteristics are as follows:
The strength of concrete during compression is not less than 42 MPa (reinforced (B-35) 10 cm tile);
Concrete water absorption – no more than 6%;
The quality of the material must meet GOST 17608-91 or the European standard EN 1338-2007 requirements;
10 cm thick “Uni Kolok” tile is designed for industrial use for facilities, terminals, customs checkpoints, and for objects with a heavy system load.

When was the first object covered with this product and what did we learn from him?

In 2011, the yard of the “Legi” enterprise was covered with “Uni Kolok” tiles. Now 2022, it has been moving systematically in the yard of the enterprise since the laying of the tile Heavy transport, but “Uni Kolok” looks like it was laid it looked like it was not damaged.

How to lay a tile, what work should be done before laying a tile and after laying it?
First of all, research work is carried out. Determined to use Scope and Features. After that, a corresponding project is prepared and land works (preparation of the foundation) begin. The next necessary step yes, is for the compression ratio to be checked with appropriate tools. After getting the desired mark, the laying of the tile begins. I want a line here I will explain the necessity that it represents after laying the tile and pouring sifted sand on top, this is a very important nuance because for some time it gets into the areas of adhesion of the slab sand, which gives additional strength to the laid tile.

What are the advantages of laying tiles with a paving machine?
It is possible to lay 2000 square meters per day with a car, and in addition to that makes our financial savings, also allows us to short let’s cover large areas in time.

What load can the fila “uni kolok” have?

10 cm thick tile on “Uni kolok” of virtually any weight and load handling is possible. That is why terminals and Industrial objects during the exterior finishing, are the choice they do on this tile.

What objects are covered with this tile?
With this tile, the territory of both enterprises of Legi, Poti, and Batumi terminals, terminal Georgian Trans Expedition, terminal Medlog, Armenian customs checkpoint, Zugdidi water cleaning point, and so on.

Why you should give priority to the Vibro-pressed tile exterior?

As landscape designers say, when finishing the exterior
The tile creates an opportunity to finish both qualitatively and let’s get a beautiful and ecologically safe environment.

What do you recommend to those users who are now planning industrial objects?

During the finishing of the industrial facility, the customer pays attention, first of all, it turns durability, then the economy, into a visual side and environmentalism. Without further ado, it is a slab product that meets all of the above.
I would especially like to mention the practicality and economy of the tile from the point of view that if the underground communication is replaced or repaired if necessary, we can remove the tile so that it is not damaged – Let’s change the underground communication and lay this tile again. This advantage of the Vibro-pressed slab is considerable financial savings.
Vibro-pressed tile is better than other paving materials it is cheap, has a long service life, is environmentally safe, it is possible to create a diverse environment, and most importantly, it is easy maintenance during operation. So the owners of similar objects based on many years of observation and practice, I advise you to resign it is a profitable step to choose Vibro-pressed when finishing on the tile.

Badri, thank you for taking the time!
thank you!