We offer free landscape designer services

Your own yard is the component that makes the house perfect. That is why such details as: the shape of the yard, paths, plants and flowers, trees, furniture, ornaments and decorations, lighting, children’s area and so on are important.

Spending time in the yard is the best way to relax when we come home tired after work.

If you are still thinking about how to plan and beautify your yard, then you are now reading the desired news. Since the services of a landscape designer are not so affordable today, we decided to make it easier for customers to choose exterior paving tiles, so we offer a full service of landscape designer services for free:

Plot measurement, planning, preparation of designs and drawings, selection of paving materials and 3D visualization for a better perception of the expected result.

No matter what happens, nothing will stop us from creating a breathtaking landscape.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy landscape design tailored to your taste!