Технология Color Mix

Технология Color Mix

One of the main advantages of “Legi” is the possession of the latest German machinery, which allows us to create modern and diverse products. The latest technology allows us to create a new product Color Mix.

Color Mix is ​​a technology that creates a tile surface with a mixture of two or more colors.

We were the first to start production using Color Mix technology in Georgia. The surface of this tile, unlike other colored tiles, is made with a mixture of different colors, which gives the tile a natural look. Also, this technology gives us the opportunity to create a tile surface by mixing the colors desired by the user. It is with the help of this technology that a natural mixture of different colors is created.

Color mix combines several colors on one surface. The main feature of this coating is its uniqueness, because the distribution of colors on the surface of each coating element will be unique, which brings the color mix closer to nature, where no two objects are alike.

Laying instructions: depending on the specifics of the color mix, the laying rules are also different. When assembling the design, it is recommended to lay tiles from different packs (padons) by mixing them together, so that a natural mixture of colors can be obtained. Following these recommendations will give you a harmonious balance of colors with nature.

The leg tile is produced by the method of double vibro-pressing. Such production gives the tile the best technological indicators, namely; Long service life, high load resistance, ecologically safe, anti-freeze as well as meeting the requirements of water absorption stability and wear.

Vibro-pressed tile is ideal for our climatic conditions, it can withstand heat and low temperatures. The product is also useful for beautifying the territory of shops, shopping centers and supermarkets, as it is easy and comfortable to move with the wheels of a shopping cart, high-heeled shoes or a bicycle. Our products are also ideal for industrial facilities, because they have a long service life, and in case of changing the underground communication, it is also possible to remove the tile, replace the underground wiring and lay this tile again without damaging the product, which gives us considerable financial savings.

Technology Color Mix is ​​chosen:

Because of universality, naturalness and creation of original design. That is why it is not surprising that this new technology is already very popular throughout Europe. Today, due to the above-mentioned characteristics, Color Mix technology has the first place in many countries of the world due to the best natural color palette.

Tiles of different colors give landscape designers the opportunity to turn fantasy into reality and create the desired exterior on such objects as: private houses; country houses; parks; the territory of the shopping center; City streets and sidewalks.